With its playful modularity concept, the PRYSM accompanies the contemporary “Wonder Woman” throughout the day. Its unique design makes it a true “Transformer”. Spacious and functional during the day, it frees itself from its chain at night. Become a pocket, its metamorphosis continues, its cuff is detached to become an elegant and refined bracelet.

On the other side of the PRYSM, a specially designed and patented cuff allows an original grip and a totally twisted style.

ISADORA LIMARE breathes a mischievous and acidulous design into its first creation. Electrical colours, eclectic materials and geometric shapes, the PRYSM imposes it by the audacity of its aesthetics.

With its sharp edges, chiselled motifs borrowed from the marquetry and its graphic look mixing Art Deco and 80’s, the PRYSM plays with conventions.

Since 2016, Isadora has been using her love of beauty and her passion for design to enter the stage with an amazing concept: pop creations in limited editions mixing luxury and functionality.

Each model, prototype is designed, designed and produced in Paris in a limited edition.

The collection is hand-made by quality craftsmen in Barcelona.

The designer makes it a point of honour to work with French and European partners and suppliers to ensure strict control of the quality of her production, working conditions and compliance with environmental impact standards.

The leathers are chosen with the greatest care in French, Italian or Spanish tanneries. The fish leather is selected and processed by a small Icelandic factory using the power of nature in its manufacturing process.

At the heart of the mosaic of materials, fish leather unfolds all its scales. An innovative, ethical and sustainable material, the Maritime Leather demonstrates the quality requirements and environmental awareness of ISADORA LIMARE creations.

The designer is committed to offering women a modern and counter-current brand for whom urban fashion is synonymous with committed fashion.

For this first collection, ISADORA LIMARE uses two fish hides, salmon and the Nile perch.




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