Save the Date

Shop Inauguration

  • Inauguration of the shop on? next November.
    A cocktail party will be offered from 6:00 p. m. to 10:00 p. m., with the following on this occasion:
  • the presence of some of the creators who can present their work to you,
    a presentation of Maurine TRIC’s work as a photographer
  • Born in France in 1985, Maurine Tric was first of all passionate about the graphic arts and expressed herself mainly through drawing. After studying Applied Arts, she naturally turned to photography and entered the Ecole de Gobelins in Paris, where she graduated in 2008.
    Winner of the Off visa in Perpignan in 2010, she became a freelance photographer in the field of reportage photography and interior design.
    In parallel, sensitive to the humanitarian cause, she collaborates voluntarily with France Volontaire to illustrate volunteer projects in Madagascar in 2014 and Senegal in 2015. These reports serve as communication media and have been the subject of various exhibitions in the countries concerned and at COP21.
  • It also collaborates with Action Contre la Faim, Plan France and Handicap International.
  • The images on display here depict roaming, ambience, scenery and faces crossed along the roads. They also illustrate the daily challenges of disparities, poverty and climate change.
  • But what we remember is the humanist and admiring look on these citizens of a scorched, defiled land, where every day is a battle armed with smiles.
    You can find all his work on his website:
    SUPERCLEM at the turntables, well known in the fashion world since she worked for the biggest fashion shows like Who’s Next Paris. Now in Barcelona Barcelona, she is used to the bars of the Born but also to other types of events
    In Paris, she has been a resident of several restaurants and private clubs (Matignon, Kong, Germain,…).