BDM Studio jewellery is inspired by jewellery, but like jewellery, they must awaken codes, rethink design while perpetuating its “savoir-faire”.

The fine gold gilded jewels adorned with rhinestones and semi-precious stones engrave their style in timeless style, carving their message with golden flowers and coveting other proportions.There is spirit, hope and imagination at the heart of the creation of the young label BDM Studio.

The collections are raw of finesse, destined to be loved, inexorably : the fine stitches are intertwined, flirting with fabrics gloved with references and now their names also open up other horizons: Tara, Secret, Orient, Beluga…

BDM STUDIO is aiming for a new lover of high-end jewellery, and for her, BDM STUDIO is redrawing itself every day. A design at the top of the skin.The jewels of the BDM trio are chic and contemporary, mâtinés by small touches of inspirations from the 1920s or pre-Columbian years. We like their fine and always original details, very easy to wear and to match.

BDM studio creates and manufactures its jewellery entirely in France and in a traditional way.