5 May, 2020


Today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of cold-processed solid soap : on your skin, on the environment and on your wallet. For some years now, “green cosmetics” has been on the rise. More and more of you prefer bar soaps to classic shower gels.

But what are the real benefits of solid soap ?

1 – Solid soap contains fewer hazardous substances

Firstly, solid soaps generally have a much better composition. Look at the ingredients on the back of your products. Shower gels contain formaldehydes or palm oil. Unlike solid soap which has a clearer composition. As in food, the less ingredients, the better!


2 – Solid soap is better for the skin

Solid soap is rich in glycerines. In daily use, it will moisturize and soften the skin.
The Cosmydor solid soaps in our range are composed of essential oils that will suit all skin types. In addition to taking care of you, they give off a sweet and greedy scent that will remain throughout the day.

3 – Solid soap keeps longer than a shower gel

Shower gels or liquid soaps contain water. That is why manufacturers add preservatives to keep them longer. As for solid soaps, they do not contain preservatives and keep much longer, due to their shape and manufacture.


4 – Solid soap is more economical

In addition to longer shelf life, solid soap has no packaging costs, unlike plastic bottles containing liquid soap.


5 – Solid soap is ideal for traveling

No more need for miniature products, you can take your solid soap everywhere with you.


At the Erudite Concept Store, we value green and sostenible cosmetics. This is why we collaborate with a brand that strictly controls the composition of its products but also their ecological impact: Cosmydor. In particular, it offers solid soaps made from essential oils. But its approach goes beyond the natural composition of its products. The brand works day after day to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible. This is why all of its packaging is recyclable.
Moreover, without making it a marketing argument because it seems “normal” to them, all the brand’s products are vegan.

Don’t wait any longer to discover this brand on our e-shop.


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