Ethical jewellery : The vocation of l’Erudite Concept Store is to offer products by French designers who design gilded, silvered and decorated with fine stones jewels. You will find in l’Erudite’s selection of jewellery, rings, earrings, necklaces.. The ring is the accessory that every woman has in her jewelry box. Fine rings are now more than just a trend. It is a timeless piece of jewellery. Every woman accumulates according to her desires and style a multitude of rings. The XXL earring is the original and unique jewel that will embellish your head carriage.  If you like singularity, fall for the Camille Roussel set : a bracelet, a necklace and XXL earrings in exotic leather. Hair jewellery is now the trend to follow! Fall for the foliage brooch which will give a bohemian-chic look to your outfit. Besides, the trend is to accumulate this year. Don’t hesitate to match your jewels. Cuff bracelets, rush bracelets and chain bracelets. Moreover, each fine stone has a virtue that will bring you benefits throughout the day. Necklaces are the glamorous jewels. They will sublimate a cleavage thanks to their ornaments or pearls. The master word of l’Erudite, to have pleasure in buying ethical ! These jewels will give style to your outfits. Small advice: crack for an earrings. The jewel which replaces the piercing.