24 January, 2020


ISADORA LIMARE is kind of the leader of the Wonder Women.

Wpnder Woman Isadora Limare

The Wonder Woman is this woman of today, juggling 1,000 lives. She has to deal with her active life and her personal life, so to keep her from running from morning to night, Isadora has made it easier for us.

That’s how the idea of the PRYSM ORIGINAL was born, this multifaceted bag in pop and tangy colours.

The concept:

The PRYSM ORIGINAL is a spacious and functional JEWEL BAG during the day, which frees itself from its handle in the evening and offers a magnificent cuff.

With its sharp edges, chiseled patterns and graphic look combining Art Deco and 80’s, the ORIGINAL impresses with its aestheticism.

“If each woman is singular, her way of life is unique..”

Isadora uses this statement to think the PRYSM. It will therefore be your companion throughout the day like a true Transformers.

Find out how to modulate your ORIGINAL PRYSM:

In addition, the cuff that allows you to wear your PRYSM as a clutch (Image D) comes detached in the evening. It then offers you a sublime piece of jewellery.

Its sliding clasp system allows you to change it on the back of your bag to suit your wishes thanks to its different colours: know-how:

Each model is thought out and designed in Paris. It is then made there in limited edition and the collection is hand made in Portugal by quality craftsmen.

Isadora only works with European partners. Thus she strictly controls the quality of the production, the working conditions and the respect of the environmental impact standards.

The leathers are carefully selected in French, Italian and Portuguese tanneries. The fish leather is selected and processed in Iceland. This family tannery, with more than 20 years of experience, uses the power of nature in its manufacturing process.

Maritime Leather testifies to the quality requirements and environmental awareness of Isadora Limare’s creations.

The brand combines modernity, luxury, innovation but also ethics and commitment.

Which fish leather? First of all salmon leather, classic and eclectic. Then the perch leather, bold and textured. Why the fish leather? Because, despite appearances, it is extremely resistant thanks to its intertwined fibres. Its natural origin and the meticulous work that it receives make it unique. Each skin has its own shade, its own nuances, its reflections,…

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