French Words is how we declare our love to France as a country, and to its culture and language. To many ears across the globe, French is a kind of delicate and lively music. We are fascinated by its incredible past, we wish to live the French lifestyle to the fullest in the present, and we want to contribute to an even brighter future.

Since 2013, French Words have promoted his love for France across all social media platfoms with a daily dose of our favorite French words, quotes and idioms.

The French Words collections are born from an unwavering attraction to the words, whispered or clearly expressed, simple or complicated, and from a driving desire to make them speak in a new way. With its first stationery products, they come to life on beautiful textured paper.

The creations are dreamt up in Paris, entirely made in France and for the brand, quality matters more than quantity.

They are proud ambassadors of the French “savoir-faire”.

All of the French Words products are made with love and with great care.