Handmade Accessories : L’Erudite Concept Store has selected accessories for him and for her. Sunglasses, bags, bow tie or even phone accessories, this section is the real alibaba cave. Sunglasses are real fashion accessories that complete a look. They can bring a touch of pop or conversely a more serious touch. The Time For Wood brand creates good quality and trendy accessories. Thanks to polarized lenses and wooden temples, eco-responsible. Butterfly knots have made a big comeback in recent years. It is a fashion accessory that is both elegant and trendy. The Hacter brand has brought it back into fashion with a few evolutions. This accessory is in line with the trend and the new way of consumption, since it is made of recycled chambray. In this generation, ultra connected we all have a computer and a phone. We are always hooked on these connected objects, that’s why they become real accessories. Discover them through the Maradji and Time For Wood brands. Handbags and travel bags are now more than just accessories. They become an integral part of our looks. That’s why l’Erudite has chosen them with the greatest care. Find a wide selection of trendy and eco-responsible products.