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Totebag LETHNIK – Fleur de Lys by BLACKHATS PARIS

This spacious totebag made of wax and sturdy leather has an inside pocket that allows it to carry all your essential everyday items. It can be worn by hand or shoulder thanks to its long flexible handles.

Lethnik is made of wax fabric with leather finishings and is equipped with double handles in Taurillon calf leather.

Fleur de Lys: The story tells that the motifs of this drawing reflect the unique beauty. In Benin, a woman was offered lily flowers, and this reflected a certain state of mind. The whiteness of the flower meant the purity of love and innocence, but before it represented the nobility of her feelings, the yellow symbolized friendship, the orange symbolized desire, the red represented passion and the pink symbolized a mixture of tenderness and affection.

BlackHats Paris wants to give to African culture a prominent place in french leather work. It is also the commitment to produce high quality products MADE IN FRANCE, while supporting local initiatives.

The brand decided to buy from the source, and collect the unsold goods in Benin, from the mother of the creator,’Nana Benz’; understand: “wax distributor with a great knowledge of these very special coloured fabrics.”

What is Blackhats Paris?

A high quality product, (wax and leather)
Wax is cotton on which hot indigo-coloured wax is applied on both sides. This process allows to keep the brightness of the colours for a very long time. Blackhats Paris associates leather from the best French tanneries, the most prestigious.

A perfect finish

Quality is at the heart of the Blackhats Paris project, which manufactures in the heart of Paris (in the Marais) in an approach that respects the french tradition, with an extraordinary attention to finish

2 in stock

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