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The clutch Porto-Novo is made of 100% real Wax cotton – printed in superior quality – and French leather in cowhide.

Wax pocket in black Taurillon leather, black leather, black leather back and calf leather, with leather inside pocket. Fabric Fenssou: this fabric, translated as “fish scales” or “fish sauce” is very popular in Benin.

With brass metal parts. Plain cotton lining with inner pocket. Reinforced base and leather back.

Why “Porto-Novo”? It is the capital of Benin, the creator’s country. A little smaller than the other pockets, it is beautifully dressed in supple leather on one side and wax on the other: resolutely unique. Its zippered zipper makes its interior easily accessible, like an invitation to discover the interior lined with this room.

BlackHats Paris wants to give African culture a prominent place in the work of French leather. It is also the commitment to produce high quality products MADE IN FRANCE, while supporting local initiatives.

The brand decided to source its products and collect the unsold ones in Benin from the designer’s mother,’Nana Benz’; understand” wax distributor with a great knowledge of these very special coloured fabrics.

What is Blackhats Paris?

A high quality product, (Wax and leather)
Wax is cotton on which hot indigo-coloured wax is applied on both sides. This process allows the brightness of the colours to be maintained for a very long time. Blackhats Paris combines leathers from the best and most prestigious French tanneries.

A perfect finish

Quality is at the heart of the Blackhats Paris project, which manufactures in the heart of Paris (in the Marais) in an approach that respects the French tradition of leather goods, with particular attention to finishing.

1 in stock

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