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Walnut I-Phone Case by TIME FOR WOOD



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Walnut I-Phone Case by Time for Wood
  • Walnut I-Phone case by Time for Wood
  • Wood: Walnut
  • Made for the iPhone 5/5se/6/6s/7
  • Every case is made out of one single piece of walnut
  • Compact and strong design
  • Due to the ‘one-piece’ design, the buttons and connectors are freely accessible
The brand:

More than an incredible material, wood is like a guide that will always inspire. It reminds us every day that nature is beautiful and timeless.

That is why TIME FOR WOOD products are handmade. To maintain this respect for the material during the manufacturing process while keeping the inspiration of nature as an essential element of design.

Wearing a wooden accessory is a way to take a little nature with you, wherever you go. In paved and concrete streets, wearing a Time For Wood accessory is a reminder that nature is always with us.
It is possible to appreciate nature everywhere, whatever the form in which it is embodied…

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