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Ceramic Candles by LA BELLE MECHE x Jars Céramistes


LA BELLE MECHE x Jars Céramistes

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Two entrepreneurial couples. Two years of meetings and talkings. Two scented candles in one ceramic tailor made jar. Two olfactive atmosphere to choose according your whishes

How to use our ceramic candles by LA BELLE MECHE x Jars Céramistes

You will have to choose : SOLO : Burn one of the two scents and create your atmosphere that best fits your mood of the moment DUET : The two scents burnt together create an unexpected and sophisticated fragrance as they complement each other.

WOOD FIRE x RED BERRIES : smoked, fruity and sophisticated. Notes of woods and smoke are sweetened by blackberries and blackcurrants on the heart. Vanilla and pralin warmth the fragrance.

  • This  ceramic is handmade in France.
  • Once burnt, re-use the jar as a decorative item.
  • Net weigh 300g
  • Burning time 80h
  • Perfume Woodfire / Dark Berries Waxe
  • 100% Natural soy wax
  • Wick lead-free cotton wick
  • Candle type : Scented candle

3 in stock

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