How to bring a new style to your home?

16 July, 2020


How to give a new style to your interior?

Do you want to change your interior design? We know that it can be expensive. That’s why l’Erudite Concept Store gives you some advice on how to change your interior easily, cheaply and effortlessly.

1- Buying plants

Plants bring a touch of nature and freshness to your home.
They increase the humidity level and absorb certain pollutants. Then, a plant is a real decorative object.

L’Erudite’s choice : L’Erudite proposes you the cactus by AY Cactus. They will decorate your apartment by their pop, original and trendy pots. Also, the cactus is a plant called “puncture-proof” : perfect for people who are busy or do not have a green thumb.

For those of you who prefer design, l’Erudite presents you the planter by Flyte. The Lyfe planter will offer you a hypnotic experience thanks to its levitation. Also, it has an irrigation system that will regulate the watering of your plant.

Finally, don’t forget the vase that goes with it.

2- Changing your lighting fixtures

Light is essential for your well-being. As well as for the comfort inside your home. If natural light is insufficient, it is recommended to optimize your artificial light.
L’Erudite’s choice : L’Erudite offers you multiple design, trendy or even atypical luminaires. Be seduced by the lantern by Kokot Studio. This hanging lamp can be arranged according to your tastes and desires.

Also, we suggest the Buckminster lamp by Flyte which levitates. It mixes authenticity and design thanks to its levitation and dark wood.

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