Created in 2013, La Belle Mèche proposes a “contemporary” version of the scented candle: a refined, modern and colourful design, combined with excellent, simple, figurative and original perfumes. The wax is vegetable (100% soya) and non-polluting.

The production is entirely French, from wax to packaging. The scents are composed in Grasse with a renowned perfumer.

Inspired by their Madeleines de Proust, the designers propose according to each candle, their best place and time to light them.

La Belle Mèche has chosen to produce all its candles in France.

The scented candles are produced in a semi-artisanal way with a perfumer from the region of Grasse, the perfume capital of the world.
This proximity production allows the brand to offer its customers an exceptional product quality based on French know-how.