LITHOTHERAPY : virtues and benefits of the fine stones of our jewels

17 April, 2020


Many of our designer jewels are embellished with fine stones. Each one of these gemstones has different virtues and benefits that will have an impact on our physical and psychological well-being. Find in this article the whole of the stones which decorate our jewels!


Agate represents balance and harmony. It is the ideal stone to soothe our living and working places. There are many different coloured agate stones, each of which will bring different benefits. Green agate 

It is assimilated to the Heart Chakra.

Here are some of the benefits of green agate:

It improves vision.
It dissolves blockages and dams inside our body.
It helps to make decisions.

Black Agate

It is a symbol of strength and support in difficult times by refocusing energies. It is an anchor stone to the earth, it helps to disperse negative energies. It confers stability and self-confidence.How to tune agate: in general, it is often associated with gold in our jewellery. The bracelets have a Greco-Roman look that will take you back in time.


Carnelian symbolizes vitality. It has positive and protective effects, especially on women.

Here are some of the benefits:
– Transmits the love of life.
– Removes the fear of death.
– Fights apathetic, depressive states.
– Promotes resolution, success.
– Facilitates adaptation to new situations.
– Stimulates concentration.
– Strengthens memory.

How to match carnelian: This red fine stone goes great with with gold. You will find it on earrings, or bracelets from BDM Studio and Collection Constance.


Pink quartz

Pink quartz represents the stone of the heart, love and peace.

It has the power to relieving the physical ailments of our motor organ and the disorders of our emotional centre. By its detoxifying and calming virtues, pink quartz spreads its softness on our organism and in our relations with others.

Here are some benefits:

  • Promotes calm and inner peace.
  • Serenity and tranquility found again.
  • Repairs emotional wounds.
  • Soothes heartaches.
  • Alleviates lack of confidence and restores self-esteem.
  • Removes nightmares.

How to match pink quartz: this fine stone, very soft thanks to its pastel pink tones, will soften your face on a pair of golden earrings from the Constance collection! You can match it with a white dress for a light and feminine look.


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