This year again, L’ERUDITE CONCEPT STORE has decided to boycott Black Friday.


While we are invaded by newsletters, advertisements and various temptations, we have once again made the choice not to participate in this day.

Black Friday encourages over-consumption at a time when hundreds of thousands of clothes are thrown away every year. However, at L’ERUDITE CONCEPT STORE, we are fighting precisely against this phenomenon of excessive consumption. Generally the price to pay is social and environmental and often at the expense of quality.

Precisely we want to encourage you to consume less and better!

Every day we apply fair and consistent prices so that everyone can find their way around. We don’t want to promote this movement that devalues the value of work, artisans and products.

No prices are inflated here, which is why we will never apply the “monster discounts” of the fashion giants. They can sometimes go down to 80%! The disproportion of these sales also reflects the margins applied the rest of the year…. There is no secret, quality and rarity come at a price; and the fact that we can offer this kind of discount says a lot about the kind of products we are offered.

Instead, let us think about recycling, repairing, sorting, consuming in a more rational and responsible way.


make friday green again