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Caramel milk chocolate & Guérande salt – Mona Lisa

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The creaminess of the milk 42% leaves place to the crunchiness of the caramel, to finish on a small point of Guérande salt flowers. Quite simply. Prepared with love near Paris.

Net weight: 90g

Sheina Szlamka is a young illustrator and designer who lives and works in Paris. After training at the prestigious School of Visual Arts of New York, she worked for Paulette Magazine, the Haute-Couture house Ana Quasoar… Sheina is looking to purchase a dream printing machine, if you have one, please contact her at

Cocoa 42% minimum, caramel (10%) salty (0.4%). Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa paste, skimmed milk powder, glucose syrup, butter, cream, emulsifier (GMO-free soy lecithin, Guérande flower of salt). May contain traces of gluten, nuts, sesame, sulphites Energie : 2367KJ /569Kcal, Matières grasses : 39g , Dont acides gras saturés : 21.37g, Dont acides gras insaturés : < 0.1g, Glucides : 43.5g, Dont sucres : 37.1g, Protéines : 8.6g, Sel : < 0.22g


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4 in stock