Essential oils are components derived from plants and are particularly rich in active ingredients. Thus, a small quantity of essential oil will be very effective because it concentrates all the benefits of the plant in a few drops. Their properties and quality vary according to the plants used.

The essential oil of patchouli: This essential oil will soothe you throughout the day. It stimulates the digestive functions and facilitate the smooth running of digestion. It’s anti-inflammatory and regenerative. It treats: anxiety, nervous and/or physical fatigue; to promote meditation, sleep…

Ylang-ylang essential oil : In addition to diffusing an intense and voluptuous fragrance, this oil has many antidepressant, anti-fatigue and soothing benefits.

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Candle Sensual by La Belle Mèche

Bergamot essential oil: bergamot has active compounds that come from the peel of Citrus aurantium bergamia. The essential oil of bergamot is at the same time calming, sedative and stimulating. The essential oil of bergamot strengthens the mind, helps to find self-confidence, after having evacuated fear and anxiety.


Petitgrain essential oil: This essential oil is often used to reduce nervousness and soothe stomach aches due to stress. It facilitates falling asleep.


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Candle Relaxation by La Belle Mèche

The essential oil of incense: or frankincense, is part of the sacred essential oils. Its enveloping fragrance brings serenity and comfort. Beyond this strong spiritual connotation, the essential oil of incense is a very popular oil: it effectively calms states of anxiety and agitation. Whatever the difficult moments or prolonged stress, it supports the individual and gives meaning to life. It also has rebalancing properties.


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Candle Meditation by La Belle Mèche

Eucalyptus essential oil: It has the ability to stimulate immunity, offers antioxidant protection and will improve your respiratory circulation.


The essential oil of Scots Pine: This essential oil has stimulating properties for the mind and for all the functions of the body. It’s anti-infectious, antiseptic, ad immune stimulant

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Candle Breathing by La Belle Mèche

Sage essential oil: It’s traditionally recommended to increase women’s comfort. It also has sedative and relaxing properties thanks to its richness in linalyl acetate. It has molecules whose action is anxiolytic, especially in massage. Psychic tonic.


Clove essential oil: the richness of clove in eugenol explains its powerful analgesic properties with a rubéfiant effect (= which heats the skin) useful in painful flare-ups. Anti-infectious, anti-fungal, antiviral, antibacterial, eugenol is endowed with antibacterial, fungicidal and parasiticidal properties.

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