Fall for a designer’s jewelry. Thanks to L’Erudite’s selection, there will be something for every taste: adjustable rings, cuff bracelet…


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, we know it is often difficult to find THE gift, both elegant and original for his beloved. L’Erudite has therefore concocted for you a selection of designer jewellery : adjustable ring, cuff bracelet, chain bracelet, pendant earrings, pendant necklace. You will be transported in the universe of these young creators thanks to their know-how and the materials used for the jewels : fish leather, cow leather, fresh water pearl and much more !

The selection by L’Erudite

1- One Camille Roussel set

L’Erudite offers you a set signed Camille Roussel, composed of a reversible cuff bracelet and a pair of hanging earrings. These designer jewels are made of exotic python leather and metallic tempered lamb leather.
Discover the spirit and the universe of the designer and her reversible jewels !

2 – Designer rings

It is often difficult to choose a ring because of the size of the finger. No more worries, fall for adjustable rings such as the rings Augustine or Iris.
For a romantic jewel, opt for the gold chain ring, decorated with fresh water pearls. This delicate and elegant designer jewel will fit all styles.

3- Designer bracelets

Between cuff bracelets, chain bracelets, rush bracelets, … there are so many possible choices that we don’t know where to start. L’Erudite has selected several models for you, including the cuff bracelet Isadora Limera. This red salmon leather cuff bracelet can be combined with the matching Isadora Limare bags.
If you prefer simplicity, l’Erudite offers you a golden chain bracelet, decorated with red gemstones.

4- The designer necklaces

The pendant necklace is the perfect accessory to enhance your head wear. Opt for the beige necklace little madame and the pendant necklace Constance Collection, embellished with a red pompom and a medallion.

collar helena collection constance
bracelet apollon collection constance jewellery handmade paris
Ring Darling by BDM Studio
Cuff JASMINE Luxe by Camille Roussel
Earrings SUZANNE Luxe by Camille Roussel
cuff pomodoro Isadora Limare
Ring Augustine by Collection Constance
necklace Juliette little Madame
Ares earrings semi-precious stones Collection Constance barcelona

With all these magnificent designer jewels, there’s only one thing left to do: succumb!