Wax: a timeless print

16 June, 2020


wax: a timeless print

History of wax:

The wax fabric is not originally from Africa. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dutch set up colonies in Indonesia. A century later, the population no longer accepts these “invaders”. She’s rebelling. The Dutch then recruited mercenaries on the coasts of West Africa where they had trading posts. When they return, these mercenaries bring back with them the typical Indonesian fabric: batik.

Over the years, wax became the new symbol of African culture. It became a real language. Every pattern has a meaning. When you wear it, you reveal yourself to others. Some motives are even linked to political events such as “le balai de Gueï” which refers to the 1999 overthrow in the Ivory Coast.

How is wax made?

Wax is a 100% cotton fabric made from a very special know-how. We apply a reserve of wax between two copper rollers carved to the desired pattern. The cotton fabric is protected by wax patterns. We then soak it in an indigo dye and expose it to air. Once dry, we hand-dye the fabric or print it.

Discover our wax items:

As wax is the trendy print of the moment, L’Erudite Concept Store offers you unique pieces. For this, she collaborates with BlackHats Paris. This brand mixes French chic and the symbol of African culture to offer atypical pieces.
All these parts are made in France, in Parisian workshops. But the fabric itself comes from Benin, notably from the Dantokpa market. The creator’s mother has been a leader in the distribution of Wax for more than 57 years. It is quite natural that the designer has taken over and modernised these fabrics in a luxurious way.

Find hats, bags, pouches… How to associate wax with your outfit?

If you don’t know how to combine wax, here are some tips: you can start with wax accessories such as hats or bags combined with classic outfits.
For more originality, don’t hesitate to combine wax with a streetwear look.

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