Nature is a source of unlimited inspiration. Through its different aspects of purity, serenity and uniqueness, it is the brand’s primary source of inspiration. Through their various journeys and discoveries, the collections are entirely made of natural materials.
Each wood or rock board has its own characteristics that are reflected in each accessory. They call for inventiveness and express the silent beauty of nature.
The most pleasant feature of woodworking is that each finished product is different.
Each piece of wood has its own characteristics, making each accessory unique.
Time for Wood chooses and uses specific woods for a unique and pleasant look: sunglasses weigh no more than 30 grams for example.
The Earth is the only good that we all have in common. If we want to preserve the beauty of our planet, we must automatically return to it what we take from it.
Based on this idea, a partnership with Trees for the Future was established.
This association is responsible for planting new trees in the most demanding regions of the world such as Cameroon, the Philippines and Brazil.
For each Time for Wood command, a new tree is planted. We have reached the 7000 trees already planted, our new goal is to reach the 10 000.