Why a Global Recycling Day?

10 March, 2022


Why a Global Recycling Day?

Give a second life to your objects and unwanted garments on Global Recycling Day!

It’s no secret that we are overflowing with all kinds of waste. Overconsumption, programmed obsolescence, … there are many reasons why it has come to this. But it is never too late to reverse the trend! This is why the Global Recycling Day, which falls on March 18 each year, is trying to encourage recycling across the globe and the consumption of products made from recycled materials. To preserve our precious primary resources.

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What is recycling?

Recycling consists in using existing resources to make new objects and limit the pollution linked to the production of new resources. It seems obvious and yet, its use remains far too often marginal.



Recycling Why recycle?

Our ever-increasing lifestyle and consumption patterns have a direct impact on the environment, unfortunately often to the detriment of Nature. Every year, we produce about 2 billion pieces of solid waste. We are overflowing with resources, so why make new ones when the destruction of these resources generates so much pollution.. Most of them are burned or buried or at worst end up in the seas and oceans.


This waste ends up polluting water, soil and air. Not to mention the risks to our health, as plastic, that ends up on our plates. Since it never really disappears, it ends up as micro particles consumed at all levels of the food chain.





pexels anna shvets 3645505 How can I recycle at home?


  • By participating in coop recycling
    sorting my waste in its corresponding bin: paper, glass, plastic, but also toxic waste. Each one has its own place and its utility and can have a new life. However, here again, it is the plastic that poses a problem because it is difficult, if not impossible, to recycle.

Then, avoid as much as possible unique packaging, single-use plastic items and favor more responsible and reusable materials. For example, remember to bring your reusable shopping bag before you go out shopping, favor solid cosmetics, bulk food, etc.





In short, recycling allows to limit the pollution generated by the treatment of waste but also the one generated by the production of new resources and the energy it consumes.

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